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All about Black Music…

Black Mixtape is an eclectic, extensive and fiddly selection of the greatest in Black Music History for an inspiring musical journey.

As for, let’s dig into Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Blaxploitation, Afrobeat,… from the African-American work songs and spirituals around the end of the 19th century to the latest of contemporary black music.

Black Mixtape is also dedicated to my biggest influencers: Ray Charles, Quincy JonesNorman WhitfieldGil Scott-Heron to name but a few.

Thus you’re about to dig here major hits and rarest gems, legends and unknown talented artists. Above all, keyword here is Groove. Enjoy fellows’!

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Black Mixtape, a story of passion…

The Black Music Mixtapes

Soul, Funk, Jazz and Blues mixtapes, as well as our Guests Of Honour and Special Editions mixtapes featuring Ray Charles, Gil Scott-Heron, Norman Whitfield, Quincy Jones and music genres such as Blaxploitation, AfroBeatFunk, Brazilian Rhythms, Hip-Hop Jazz,…
Join us now as we share the passion of Black Music!

SOUL Mixtapes

Sweet Soul

Rhythm ’N’ Soul

Deep Soul

FUNK Mixtapes

Funky Funk

P-Funk Connection

Disco Funk

JAZZ Mixtapes

Jazz Bopers

Vocal & Jazz Bands

Jazz Funk Fusion

BLUES Mixtapes

Classic Blues

Rhythm ’N’ Blues

Gospel & Sacred

Guests Of Honour

Ray Charles

Quincy Jones

Norman Whitfield

Gil Scott-Heron

Special Editions



Africa Roots

Brazilian Rhythms


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Black Mixtape Guests Of Honour

Ray Charles

Ray Charles home title

Brother Ray the Genius


Quincy Jones

Norman Whitfield home title

Unstoppable ‘Q’


Norman Whitfield

Gil Scott-Heron home title

From Soul to Funk


Gil Scott-Heron

Quincy Jones home title

Blues, Jazz & Soul Poetry


Black Music Photos Gallery

As a result of diggin’ the web in the past couple of decades, I used to collect all the photos of my favorites black music artists and labels
You’ll find in this music gallery thousands of live stages, everyday life and portraits shots of Soul, Funk, Jazz and Blues artists.

Soul & Funk